Payment & Shipping

Our online store current accepts Alipay and Wechat as the only payment methods. We will be updating more payment methods in the near future.



Worldwide shipping fee will be calculated after submitting your order and we have the exact weight and dimension then we can check with a courier company. The price will depend on the destination country as well as the weight and size of the entire order.

We now ship internationally! For more information call us or send us a message with your enquiry.



Customers shipping inside mainland China may qualify for a more cheaper rate depending on their quantity



We try our best to ship your order within 1-2 business days. However, sometimes due to empty stock your order may be delayed or money refunded to you. If an item is out of stock we will attempt to contact you either by phone or email or message. Please check your email regularly to assure that there is no problem with your order. We will hold your order until your reply to the email or until the item is once again available. If an order is on hold for longer than 1 month after the date of purchase, the order will automatically cancel out from our system. We try our best to assure that all items are always available, but due to our inventory being mostly imported items, trying to maintain stock of all items is challenging. In some cases where we can not get a hold of you, we will ship what we have (For example, if you placed an order with 6 items and there are only 4 items available we will ship the 4 items that are available and credit you for the remaining items.)

FLAT RATE SHIPPING: All orders leaving our Shandong weifang warehouse and depending on your location, the estimated delivery time will be within 1-5 business days. Expedited shipping options are available if you need to receive your order sooner.

EXPEDITED SHIPPING: We offer our Domestic (Orders shipped inside the mainland China) expedited shipping Next Day, 2nd Day & 3 Day Delivery. All expedited orders will leave the same day if the order was placed before 2pm China Beijing time. Any orders placed after the 2pm est time, will or may be shipped the following business day. Please keep in mind that expedited shipping works mostly business days. This means that any orders placed on the weekend may be shipped on the following business day, which will be Monday. The same goes for receiving the order, if you place a next day order on Friday, the order will be scheduled for delivery the next business day, which is Monday. 

All of our expedited shipping is handled by SF express, Zhong Tong express, Shentong express, Best express, China postal mail.

Most delivery express companies do not work on Chinese New year and other Chinese major holiday. Shipping may sometimes be stopped due to officials holding high level meetings in certain part of China and or elsewhere.   


Expedited orders placed on Friday before 2pm may be shipped Friday and the first business day will start Monday.

Expedited orders placed on Friday after 2pm will ship on the following business day which will be Monday.

Expedited orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship on the following business day which is Monday, unless Monday is a national holiday.

*Please note: If you are having trouble understanding our Epedited shipping policy, please contact us by phone or email to better understand it. 


Phone orders may be charged an extra handling fee: If you place an order over the phone, there may be an extra cost added to your order because if you place order by phone, it sometimes makes confusion on many things like misunderstand someone (Somebody say that I said correct but you wrote wrong and complaint too much even nobody know who did that mistake.) and it takes a lot of time for your phone order. --- But we welcome your call for any  questions.



Customers have up to 5 Days after receipt of order to submit a return request. Returns or exchange request must be submitted within 5 Business Days of receiving your products.

5 Business Days of receipt: Meaning 5 days from the day you receive package up to the day you return to us back.

Returns or Exchanges will only be granted to items that were not opened. Upon receipt of returns or exchanges, vadesity beauty will inspect all items to assure that the items are in good condition. Any item that may have been opened or seemed to have been tampered with will be automatically discarded and no credit will be given to the item.

The return fee for Returns or Exchanges that were initiated due to shipping error will be paid by vadesity beauty. Return shipments for Returns or Exchanges made due to customer's preferences will be the customer's own responsibility to ship the items back to our warehouse.

All Returns & Exchanges that are due to the customer's preference will incur a 0% restocking fee if the goods are in exact shape as were shipped to the customer.

Customers looking to Exchange items will have to pay both way shipping.

Returns to customers that wish to receive money back will have their refund applied to the payment method used on their original order (Alipal, Wechat).

We do not give credit for shipping costs unless there was an error made on your order.

If the customer's original order was free shipping, a shipping fee will be added to the customer's exchange next goods.


 How to initiate a Return or Exchange:

1. Contact Vadesity beauty Customer service at +86-159988224652.

2. If the return or exchange is due to an error by vadesity beauty. we will issue you a return note.

3. If the products are being exchanged or return due to your preference, then you will be responsible of paying a return shipping fee.

a. You can return your package using either: SF express, Zhong Tong express, Shentong express, Best express, China postal mail 

4. Place all items in a box along with a note indicating the reason for return or exchange.

5. All returns and exchanges must be mailed to :

  Incharge: Miss Jassy


  China,Shandong province, Weifang Shouguang city,

 Wen Jia street,Wang Xing Yuan 6#.


6. Record your tracking number.

7. We will contact you upon receipt of your package.


LOST PACKAGE If you believe your package was lost during transit, please contact us immediately (1-2 business days upon receipt of package) to resolve the issue. We will issue a new package to you once the shipping company investigates the matter. If we do not receive an email or call for a damaged or lost package, your credit may be refused.


WRONG ITEM: If you received an item in error please contact us as soon as you receive your order. If you're not able to get a hold of a representative, then send us an email with the issue. Please note that we may require an image of the wrong item that was sent to you. DAMAGE OR LOST ITEM If an item was damaged or was missing from your package, please contact us immediately (1-2 business days upon receipt of package). Do not discard the package because we will need it in order to open a claim with the shipping company. We may require an image from you in order to verify your claim. Once an investigation is complete we will issue you a replacement for the damaged or missing item. If we do not receive an email or call for a damaged or lost package, your credit may be refused. 

PLEASE NOTE: Every package that leaves our warehouse is recorded through a surveillance camera and double checked. If a product is missing from your package, we look back into our video archives, double check our inventory and check the weight of the package. This process determines whether or not we shipped your package correctly or not. SKIN AND HAIR CARE PRODUCT RETURNS: All skin and hair care products sold on are 100% GENUINE (REAL). is not the manufacturer of any of the products for this reason we can't guarantee that every product will work as its indication states. If for any reason you believe a product is not working, you may try to contact the manufacturer of the product. We all have different reactions to certain products, therefore not every product will work. We will not accept any returns for products that are not working. It is up to the consumer to try and find out what type of product works well on your skin.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING TERMS: (Please read carefully the international agreements as they may apply to your shipment)

As of January 2nd, 2020 International Shipments are now available. If your country is not listed as a shipping country, you may contact us so we can add the ship to destination.

Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to assure that the products being shipped to you are allowed to be shipped to the country of destination. Shipping rates are automatically calculated based on the weight of the entire order. 

You are responsible for all Taxes, custom taxes and fees that may be applied by customs.

Refusing to pay any taxes or fees associated with your shipment will result in a return of your package in which, we will only give a refund for the items shipped and not the shipping cost.

We have the right to reject and cancel an order without notice. Any order that is highlighted on our fraudulent verification system will be canceled automatically without notice. 

There are absolutely no exchanges or returns for international orders. 

All international orders must be shipped to the buyers billing address.

If you require any additional information or have any questions in regards to shipping internationally, please contact us and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have. 


PLEASE NOTE: It is up to you to determine whether your country allows the product you are purchasing. Packages that are returned due to customs inability to accept the package into the country will not be refunded. If the package is not returned, the entire order will not be refunded. It is your responsibility to assure that the destination country is able to accept the products that you are purchasing. all rights reserved.... Policy updated 2019.12.12